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Why Most Ad Campaigns Fail

Why Do Most Ad Campaigns Fail?

“Advertising is the very essence of democracy. An election goes on every minute of the day where customers determine the leader.” (- Bruce Barton)

Advertisers always ask the question “what will make my campaign successful”?

Before answering, let’s define and understand what advertising is. According to Webster, the definition of advertising is “to tell about or praise (a product, service, etc.) publicly, as through newspapers, handbills, radio, etc., so as to make people want to buy it”.

Most advertisers focus on the first part… telling people about their product or service. This is why most advertising fails. Telling your story alone won’t make people want to buy.

There are two sides to the purchasing coin… logic and emotion. The decision to buy is made on the emotional level first, and then backed up with logic. Most advertising provides the consumer with plenty of logical reasons but little to no emotion.

Do your ads convey emotion? Are you reaching deep into the hearts of those coveted customers? If you want a successful campaign, create ads that appeal to the emotions.

Another reason why campaigns fail is that most ads are filled with clichés.

When it comes to advertising, a cliché is defined as a statement every marketer makes but no one believes. Have you noticed that every advertiser has the best selection, the absolute lowest prices and world-class customer service reps & sales staff?

Rather than loading your ads with clichés, consider using words that are powerful, colorful, descriptive and relevant. Create your ads from the customers’ point of view, not yours. If you want a successful campaign, stop using meaningless clichés.

Many ad campaigns fail due to advertisers putting too much information and too many different thoughts in their ads. This is a 2-part problem: (1) the ad contains more than one major theme and (2) there’s just too much information in the ad.

Part 1: A clear, single message delivered with real emotion will beat the ad filled with competing messages every time. What’s your message? Why will people want to buy from you? When you load your ad with multiple messages, you confuse the consumer. Confused consumers don’t buy.

Part 2: Putting too much into the ad. This is typically a result of the advertiser saying “if I don’t provide lot’s of different products to choose from, that prospect might not visit my store. He/she might not be interested in product A, B or C, so I’ll make sure I tell them about product D, E and F.”

Once you start loading your ad with long lists, you’ve lost the interest and attention of the consumer. Non-interested consumers don’t buy.

Do your ads consist of a simple, clear message? Or do your ads contain a long list of products & services that no one will remember? If you want a successful campaign, simplify your message.

Often, many advertisers will attempt the use of sound effects to gain the attention of potential customers. Sound effects can work if they’re relevant to your product/service and used sparingly.

Here’s an example of how NOT to use sound effects. Several years ago, a very promotionally-driven carpet cleaning firm opened their radio ads with irrelevant, highly agitating sound effects.

One ad in particular opened with a police siren (too loud, too long and painfully distorted), followed by the police officer yelling through his loud speaker “pull over… where are going in such in hurry?” The drivers’ response was: “but officer, I’ve got to get to a phone so I call ________ Carpet Cleaners… ” The entire series of ads were irritating and irritated consumers don’t buy.

The most successful advertisers communicate with their customers by crafting their message so that they deliver useful & relevant information. If you want a successful campaign, don’t irritate the customer.

Finally, placing different messages on different mediums will reduce your response rates. Many advertisers will put one message on TV, another on radio and yet another in print.

What you want to strive for is synergy in your advertising. True synergy is when 1 plus 1 equals 3.

The most successful advertisers will place the same message across every media channel they use. The result is synergy and a greater response to the offer. Ad & media people call this integration. If you want a successful campaign, integrate your message.

By making a few adjustments to how you craft your ads, you’ll see an increase in inquiries, leads generated and ultimately, higher sales volumes.

Make Your Business Stand Out With Custom Signage

A business with no sign is the sign of no business! Custom signs are appropriate for any and every type of business. From the smallest mom and pop stores to the mega giants like Walmart, all businesses need a way to let current and potential clientele know where they are located, what type of services they offer, instructions for navigating the facilities, identification, safety procedures and so much more. The purposes and functions of custom signage are virtually endless!

Signs are doing so much work that it’s imperative to make sure that yours is doing exactly what you need it to do. Your sign may need to convey information about services provided, you may need to show visual information such as maps and directories, or it may need to give guidance. Directional signs show the location of such services, point you towards the facilities, and displays functional spaces and key areas. Signs are such an important part of our everyday life that they have become a necessity as oppose to an indulgence.

Aside from doing all of that work, custom signs are also a beautiful representation of your business brand and ideas. Your need every form of media marketing associated with your business to communicate the exact concepts that you want your clients know – your style, your services, and your personality. Custom signage does exactly that! Even if you already have a sign for your establishment, is it possibly time for a newer modern sign? Has your business evolved into something bigger? Do you offer more services that may not be represented in your signage? Are you now catering to a younger crowd? Your sign is your customers’ first impression of you; it is what makes you stand out from the crowd!

That sign is pulling overtime shifts!! Standing out from the crowd is only one of the many benefits of a custom sign that you should examine. We already know that your custom sign is the first thing that draws in new customers, did you know that a custom sign also helps drive what type of customers are coming into your establishment?

Remember your last time shopping downtown or in a busy mall, what drew you in to the stores? Media marketing and communications that you connected with – whether in the form of a well known and trusted brand or something new and catchy that drew your attention. These are the types of experiences that you want your customers to have in regards to your brand and this is specifically what a custom sign can do for you.

A custom sign is simply that, a visual communication to your current and potential customers that is specific to you and your business. No one else will have your sign. This is what will make sure that you stand out from the other establishments, and keep the business going!

Expo Sign will make the custom sign of your dreams in record time and at an excellent price! We are a family owned and operated business with over 60 years combined experience sign making and manufacturing. We manufacture all of our products in house, all of our machinery is onsite in the office – which eliminates errors, increase production and allows us to communicate with you more effectively in regards to the process.

How to Design Custom LED Signs That Really Draw Attention to Your Business

The options for creating custom LED signs are practically endless. Some possibilities for customization include:

1) Enhancing a simple LED display screen by adding a logo or graphic for corporate branding
2) Choosing different colors, fonts or character styles, character heights and graphics to give the LED display a matchless look
3) Designing custom-built casework with your own specifications for cabinet size and color to install within the LED screen
4) Fitting a combination of standard LED screens in custom-fit casing to display differing types of messages, multiple messages or multi-lingual messages
5) Adding necessary modifications to meet your unique power requirements
6) Developing specific software that will enable a standard LED electronic sign to do a completely non-standard job
7) Reworking firmware to connect with a 3rd party device to control how messages display, for example, program text to read vertically, horizontally or one at a time

Designing a custom-built sign requires careful planning and consideration. Whether you are trying to communicate to your target audience, establish your corporate image, gain name recognition for your brand, or broadcast promotions and special deals, there are a number of things you should take into consideration when designing a LED sign to make it attention-grabbing and really draw attention to your business.

Here are some things that are taken into account to ensure that your LED sign will help meet your business objectives.


A LED sign should be in full view for everyone to see in order to get the best return of investment, so you’ll need to take into consideration the location and scenery, sign elevation and height, traffic speed, zoning restrictions, viewing distance and installation constraints. Proper sizing will give the best resolution, text size, pitch of LEDs and display time per message on your LED display.

Target Audience

Your target audience are people on the go — those who are on the road, driving their cars, commuting on the bus, train or riding a taxi cabs, people walking by, people stuck at traffic or stopped at a traffic light, and those indoors waiting at a terminal or those busy shopping inside the mall. Will they be able to see your sign or just pass it by? Can they read your message in one glance?

Design features

Will you use just text or images or a combination of images and text? Will you add animation, scrolling text or scrolling images and text? Will your LED sign be in monochrome or full color display? Will it include video? Then what video aspect ratio to use to match up with the screen – standard, widescreen?

LED signs with elaborate full-color displays and video imagery tend to be more eye-catching and grab more attention. Monochrome signs with minimal design elements are budget-friendly and can just be as effective in conveying your message.

Message and content

What’s the best way to communicate your message to your target audience? What words do you use to get to the heart of your audience? What images or videos do you put in to engage your audience? Will it be easy for you to update content or will you need to pay for content management services?

Choosing a company

Building and installing LED signs involves special issues that require professional expertise. Be sure you work with skilled experts who have the knowledge and experience to help you design and manufacture custom LED signs according to your specifications while keeping in mind area limitations.

5 Options for LED Sign Communication Systems

How your computer will communicate with the LED sign is a matter of budget, preference and what your sign contractor has to offer and is qualified to set up. Following are five main types of LED sign communication systems common in the industry.

1. Wireless Methods

Wireless technology is useful in the LED sign industry. A computer can connect to an LED sign wirelessly in many ways, but certain conditions must be met. The sign must be within 100 to 200 yards of the origin of the transmission and it must have a clear path so the data can be sent and received effectively.

Radio frequency, which transmits data at speeds of 900 megahertz, is a good option when the connection must span a long distance, but the speed of information transmission is typically slower.

Wi-Fi transmits data at faster speeds of 2.4 gigahertz, and encryption can be incorporated so the information is only accessible to those with the password. You can enhance the connection to a 5 GHz data rate, which is both more secure and more efficient.

2. Phone Modem

If the connecting computer has a phone modem, a line can be run from the sign to the computer. Data can be sent via phone modem for a charge from the phone service provider. The speeds and efficiency will vary depending on the service and the strength of the connection.

3. Fiber Optics

Fiber optic cables can transmit data quickly. They are ideal for communication streams that must transmit large file sizes over long distances. Fiber optic communication can stretch up to 40 miles.

4. Serial Cables

Serial cables work as a transmission method when the distance between the sign and the computer is short – less than 50 feet – and when only basic messages are being sent rather than extensive files. Since many computers may not have the necessary port for this cable to connect to, a converter may have to be used.

5. Ethernet TCP/IP

Using TCP/IP over Ethernet is the most common of all LED sign communication systems. The sign connects to the Ethernet card installed in the computer for message transmission. The cable alone can reach 300 feet, but can be extended if necessary. Ethernet TCP/IP is more dependable and durable than fiber optic cables and does not require any convertors or adapters.

When analyzing LED sign communication systems, be sure to talk to those experienced in the sign installation and repair industry before you decide what to buy. In some cases, choosing a main system then installing a backup in case of communication failure is a good way to go. Professionals can point you toward one of the LED sign communication systems that will require the least updating and troubleshooting, and the provide the best investment over the long term.

Jen Stott is a writer and blogger, and works as the Content Director at Be Locally SEO in Salt Lake City, Utah.